Shipping Policy

What kinds of payment do you accept?

The Mausoleum Web Shop accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), bank/debit cards (As long as they have the Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover logo on the card) and PAYPAL ( through the on-line store. We accept well-concealed cash (U.S. dollars only!), but we do not recommend sending cash through the mail. We accept money orders in U.S. funds (U.S. or International money orders/IMOs). We also accept checks drawn from U.S. bank accounts. Realize that we hold ALL checks for one month before sending your order. We recommend the other listed forms of payment. And sorry, no COD payments.

Do you accept foreign currency?

No, we only accept money in American funds.

I do not have a credit card. Can I still place an order?

Yes, you can! Simply print out your order and send it to the address on the form.

Is the Mausoleum Web Shop secure?

We understand that many consumers are concerned about Internet security. Mausoleum employs industry-leading technologies to store sensitive information and protect it while in transit over the Internet. The following Security Statement describes the technologies we use and provides additional details about how we handle sensitive data like credit card information. We want you to be able to shop at Mausoleum with complete confidence. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable shopping with us online, we invite you to call and order by phone or send your order through the mail.

What order options do you have?

If you would like to send your order through the mail send it to:

c/o Rob Yench
202 Meghan Lane
Rockwood, PA 15557


I live in a foreign country and my package has not arrived yet! What can I do?

Not much unfortunately. Mausoleum is not able to track or insure any foreign orders, so once they leave our office there is nothing we can do. Sometimes foreign orders get held up in customs, or returned to us because of address problems. Returned orders can be re-shipped, but if a foreign order does not come back to us we cannot compensate customers for lost orders. Foreign orders are at your own risk! Mausoleum DOES NOT ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY LOST FOREIGN PACKAGES!

*If you live in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru or Argentina please read the important Note below.
Note: Customers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina will not be able to use credit or debit cards for Mausoleum online shopping. Orders from the aforementioned countries will not be processed. Customers may use PAYPAL, but only if they are a verified buyer through PAYPAL. Any payments from unverified buyers will be immediately returned and your orders will be cancelled. Please use our Online Ordering Form (OOF) when ordering from us. Customers must use an International Money Order (IMO) or send cash in U.S. Dollars, although we do not recommend sending cash through the mail. It may be more costly and take longer to arrive, but if you are concerned about the safety of your payment, it is recommended that you send your payment via Registered Mail. First time international customers placing large orders may be required to provide additional documents to prove their identity before Mausoleum will process your order. Any information we require will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any one for any reason. Mausoleum reserves the right to refuse any order we suspect of being fraudulent and is not required to provide you with a reason.

If you live in a country that we require shipping to via UPS or Fed Ex, Mausoleum is not responsible for any customs fees/brokerage fees that might be incurred by your shipment.

What happens if my order does not arrive or if something is missing from my order?

If this happens please contact us via Please include all order details in your email.

Reminder: All U.S. customers can insure their packages for an additional $3.